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Teens....gEt connected!

You are invited to Join the Movement...
Be part of an Altared Generation!

Youth Ages 12-16

Bring your teen/s and expect a small group setting with a "guys with the guys, girls with the girls approach" with fun co-ed games, prayer and fellowship, snacks and a good word each week. 

Group Times are Sundays from 6pm - 8pm in the Lower Level @ Rock Point Church

Kids will have opportunity to do service projects (outreaches), camps etc.


Layne and Robin Sorgee

Layne and Robin are a married couple in their mid 20s that live in the Rapid City area with their roots running deep in the south!  The accent is thick, but so is their love for kids and people in general!

They have been ecstatic to be youth leaders at Rock Point Church.  

When it comes to Layne, he describes his family like this: 

"They are made up of people who step up to the plate when no one else will.  Some members learned it faster than others but they are all in agreement on that one thing." 

Other things about Layne:

What makes him laugh:  Random Table Conversation

What makes him cry:  The Holy Spirit (in a good way)

What he loves to do:  Fish, watch movies, sit outside, host

5 words others would use to describe him: Loyal, helper, valiant, brave, empathetic

When it comes to Robin, she describes her family like this: 

"They are very overcoming and kinsmen redeemers"

Other things about Robin:

What makes her laugh:  Her Puppy Callie playing with her toys

What makes her cry:  A Walk to Remember (Movie)

What she loves to do:  Play Games, go on walks, decorate her home

5 words others would use to describe her: Dedicated, compassionate, loyal, insightful, gracious

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